Monday, December 13

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

When I wake up in the morning, the first step out of bed usually leads to the kitchen where I then draw back the curtains to welcome in the natural lighting. It always brings a cheerful note to the start of my agenda.

This morning was special. When I tied my curtains back, everything was covered with snow as it continued to fall. I squealed like a child. I love a good fluff of snow.

So I continued to get ready for church and put my boots on. When I showed up at Arthur's, he had made bacon & egg sandwiches with coffee for the ride to church. This morning could not have gotten any better. Afterwards, we drove around and took a beautiful walk in the snow where arthur continued to plunge snowballs at me.

When he was finished having his fun, we headed back to the car and stopped by some antique shops to look around. We found so many great things including arthur's christmas present that he'll have to forget about.

We had fun looking around and then felt the calling of our stomaches, so we took them to the bakery restaurant next door. We've never been to this cozy little restaurant before but were glad we chose to stop in. It turned out to be a vegetarian restaurant, which we have no problem with and it was delicious and affordable. I sipped on a refreshing glass of grape fruit juice and ordered the special of black bean sweet potato quesadillas. What a good place to end the day with before my Sunday nap.

To hopes for a very white Christmas.

Sunday, December 12

Saturday Salty Caramel Strawberry Night

One of the things I enjoy most out of my day is having at least one good meal that leaves me feeling content, and I give thanks for having been blessed with variety at the table.

Tonight after work, I brought some duck chowder soup to Arthur's apartment from the market, which we ate with a small appetizer of crisp crackers and a cheddar cheese ball with crushed almonds. It was delectable. Dinner was followed by a savory dessert Arthur put together before I had arrived. He made salty (sea salted) caramel covered strawberry's with crushed pecans attractively placed on bamboo skewers. Fancy that. I was quite impressed with the way they had turned out and feel every Saturday night should be a Saturday salty caramel strawberry night.

To more delicious plates!

Wednesday, December 8

Dog Park

These were the warmer days at the dog park when it was crowded with the largest to the smallest of muts to high class breeds. An enjoyable experience it was for a girl without a companion such as myself. I can't have one in my apartment with my work schedule, so I satisfy my longings with trips to the dog park with Arthur, Murray, and sometimes Leo when he comes to visit. It may seem strange, but I'm such a child when I'm surrounded by a herd of cute puppies playing amongst themselves.
Now that it's getting colder, the park has dwindled into an unpopular social scene. Sadly so, I thought I would reminisce and post a couple snap shots of the warmer days in the park.


A Few Recent Events

Arthur here.

Good afternoon, friends and family.

Last final of fall quarter this afternoon. I am thankful to be done for a bit. It will give me some time to pursue some interests of mine.

I am also thankful for a winter morning like this. Where you wake to the wet tongue of your loving companion, a nuzzle to the side when you turn away. Breathing early morning air, longing for the warmth of coffee, eggs and bacon.

Reika and I have been busy these past few weeks. Thanksgiving with my family at the bed & breakfast in South Charleston, OH ( ), birthday celebrations for my sister Emilie, which included dinner and a Freelance Whales concert. Thanks to all her friends that came for the festivities. My aunt and uncle celebrated 40 years of marriage last saturday, for which their children invited family and friends to celebrate at Mary Kelley's in Dublin. Delicious food, great conversation with family members I've not seen in a long time. It was just a great time to celebrate the love my aunt and uncle have shown our entire family over the years, put together by my cousins, Spencer and his wife Robyn, Matthew, and Sarah and her husband Shane. Finally, church sunday at the vineyard where we saw my recently married friends Brent and Bethany. Then a wonderful dinner at Barcelona with my aunt ellen. A great woman.

Then last night, Reika bought us tickets to see Over the Rhine at the beautiful Lincoln Theatre. What a wonderful show. Just a really relaxing night, where I felt I could take a deep breath, lean back into the seat, and let my thoughts go. They are such a great show. The new album is pretty. It has been on repeat the past week or so, and pretty much every song is memorable. They've been making music for 2 years. Don't take my word for it. Go listen.

This winter, this december, I'm reminded of friends in far places who I'll not see. Friends who have come into our lives and encouraged, criticized, and accepted our uncertainty. I'm thankful for the friends who accept us as family.
Now on to Christmas, family, traveling, and all those wintery things.

a new otr song called All My Favorite People. check that one out.

Friday, December 3

Mother's visit to Columbus.

Just a couple of pictures to document the good time we shared with my mother when she came to visit me in Columbus just before Thanksgiving.

We met up with Arthur, Murry, and Leo at the dog park with our Australian Shep, Precious. Don't judge us, we didn't name her but she is precious. Since it was her first experience at an open dog park she was a little socially awkward at first but grew to love Murry the mix and Leo the pug.

After showing mom around my new home town and walking through all of the fun shops with our dog, we settled down to a nice dinner Arthur had picked out at a charming old diner.

So much love for mom and the two days we got to have together.

Monday, November 22

A Thankful Night and Day in Detroit

I had the day off on Saturday so I spent my morning at an Art show in Columbus where a group of Artists gathered to sell all of their handmade goods. They had so many great things there that I wanted to purchase, and I wish I would have taken some pictures. It was an enjoyable morning well exhausted into the late afternoon while I spent the rest of the day looking forward to our little road trip up to Michigan.

That night after Arthur got out of work, we planned to drive up to Detroit to stay with my sister so we could spend an early Thanksgiving meal with mom the next day. I was so looking forward to spend the day with Art, the family, and our puppy dog.

Arthur and I were responsible for the drinks and the ice cream, of course, so we stopped at jenis and packed our pints with dry ice and headed for Detroit. My sister and her husband were already in bed when we arrived to find a clean set of towels on our beds with a birthday card. They were such good hosts, and their house continues to feel homier every time I visit.

The next day sweet sister baked me a birthday cake, to go along with dessert after our delicious early Thanksgiving meal. Mom baked an awesome loaf of bread and some pies along with my favorite pumpkin cookies and sent much of it home with me afterwards. I was so thankful to be back with family over a good Thanksgiving meal and to have Arthur come join us this year.

I am so blessed and have so much to be thankful for!

Friday, November 19

Big Twenty Four and Many More

To everyone who remembered to call or drop a line for my birthday: Thank You! I loved it.

Some how, I forgot to schedule work off on my birthday, which seemed to crawl by like a snail. I hadn’t planned much for that night, considering I had to work the very next day.

All I knew was that Lydia was coming down to hold my hand with Art while getting my nose pierced.

I hate planning things for my birthday so I gave up on thinking about where to eat for my indecisive birthday self, and then Arthur came into the rescue with a surprise birthday meal he spent all night cooking! With the company of two loved ones (lyd & Arthur), birthday phone calls and messages all day, and a nose pierce; Art’s delicious birthday meal just topped the night right off.

He made us a delicious chicken dish with vinaigrette salad on top with two different styles of tasty brussel sprouts: one sautéed in brown sugar and butter and the other cooked with bacon, cranberries, and onions. I have grown to love my brussel sprouts (Arthur’s way).

After a thoughtful dinner, we finished with a brownie cake that Arthur also baked with exactly 24 candles. The company and food was so lovely and special, and I’m so thankful for such a great night.

To left overs.

Birthday Events

After work on Friday I met Art and his sister along with their Gram for a nice birthday/Thanksgiving/dog drop off dinner. We enjoyed our comfort food while I opened Gram’s present: a nice set of measuring cups, pairing knife, and hand towels to complete my kitchen.

Thanks Gram.

When we parted ways, Arthur’s sister, Emilie, left us with her cute pug, Leo. Such a delight, that dog is. If you had a pug, you would know. Arthur would call him a nuisance, but I know very well that he likes having Leo around.

The next day after work, I drove up to Wooster to spend the evening celebrating one of my most treasured friend’s birthday dinner with some friends and family. I was so glad to make it over for Lydia’s twenty third birthday reunion with her and her family all together again.

Thursday, November 11

Wanderlust Designs

These are just a few trendy designs from friend, Danielle's latest collection by Wanderlust Designs. I was so impressed by her work that I wanted to share them with you all to see. She is selling her work online by facebook. If any of you are interested let me know, and I will gladly exchange contacts for the support of an old friend.

She is currently living back in our home town in Michigan and is looking to save up enough money to venture out and start a new life. I think she's found her niche for creative design by incorporating vintage and reused fabrics into most all of her work. Danielle hopes to eventually start an official website for all of her crafts to be sold.

kudos to Danielle for her fun new collection!

Happy Veterans Day!

Wishing my dearest brother, Jason, from far away a Happy Veteran's Day. Our family is so proud of him for committing thirteen years of his life to the service. This is one of the skype pictures taken by the wife while he was over in Iraq this past year.

Jason and his beautiful little family live down in Florida, and I couldn't miss them anymore than I already do.

I love you Jason. Know you are in our thoughts today along with every other day.

cheers to the veteran we love dearly.

Wednesday, November 10

A Delicious Treat

After Arthur stopped by to pick me up from the market, I came back to my apartment to find a little package at my door step from one of my dearest friends, Caroline from DC!

Sweet Caroline had hand written little recipes and made this lovely little tin full of treats herself. I'm so thankful for such thoughtful friends.

After Art and I had some of Caroline's treats, we headed to the gym for a work out. Arthur signed us both up for memberships, which will be really nice for the winter season. Looking forward to having another activity to do together.

Monday, November 8

A November to Remember

Jonsi and the group of giants standing in front of us, but still, an amazing show.

It’s my birthday this month, hence the reason why every year there's a November to remember… And because Arthur and I got to start the month off with some Jonsi at Newport, which was an amazing show followed by a little after party with one of my dearest friends, Lydia and new friend, Joshua. We all got to enjoy the show opened by Mountain Man, who I also really enjoyed. The Visuals were incredible, I think Arthur might have cried tears of joy. It was a great start for the beginning of exciting events to come.

Birthday wishes are still in the works… however

I’m looking forward to spend an early Thanksgiving in Detroit with sister and husband along with mom and pup. Then Art and I will be heading over to Philadelphia to spend another Thanksgiving with most all of the people we care about (excluding those who take that personally, of course). November is a good month to be had.

To upcoming events,


Table for Two

After a long hard day of scooping ice cream for customers (ha), Arthur showed up at the Market and took me out for a dinner date at the new North Star in Easton. We love eating at North Star when we can because it's nutritious and delicious! Their fresh ginger mojito is such a treat.