Wednesday, December 8

A Few Recent Events

Arthur here.

Good afternoon, friends and family.

Last final of fall quarter this afternoon. I am thankful to be done for a bit. It will give me some time to pursue some interests of mine.

I am also thankful for a winter morning like this. Where you wake to the wet tongue of your loving companion, a nuzzle to the side when you turn away. Breathing early morning air, longing for the warmth of coffee, eggs and bacon.

Reika and I have been busy these past few weeks. Thanksgiving with my family at the bed & breakfast in South Charleston, OH ( ), birthday celebrations for my sister Emilie, which included dinner and a Freelance Whales concert. Thanks to all her friends that came for the festivities. My aunt and uncle celebrated 40 years of marriage last saturday, for which their children invited family and friends to celebrate at Mary Kelley's in Dublin. Delicious food, great conversation with family members I've not seen in a long time. It was just a great time to celebrate the love my aunt and uncle have shown our entire family over the years, put together by my cousins, Spencer and his wife Robyn, Matthew, and Sarah and her husband Shane. Finally, church sunday at the vineyard where we saw my recently married friends Brent and Bethany. Then a wonderful dinner at Barcelona with my aunt ellen. A great woman.

Then last night, Reika bought us tickets to see Over the Rhine at the beautiful Lincoln Theatre. What a wonderful show. Just a really relaxing night, where I felt I could take a deep breath, lean back into the seat, and let my thoughts go. They are such a great show. The new album is pretty. It has been on repeat the past week or so, and pretty much every song is memorable. They've been making music for 2 years. Don't take my word for it. Go listen.

This winter, this december, I'm reminded of friends in far places who I'll not see. Friends who have come into our lives and encouraged, criticized, and accepted our uncertainty. I'm thankful for the friends who accept us as family.
Now on to Christmas, family, traveling, and all those wintery things.

a new otr song called All My Favorite People. check that one out.


emilie said...

i can't wait to get that otr album from you! merry christmas!

thanks for the pics!