Monday, December 13

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

When I wake up in the morning, the first step out of bed usually leads to the kitchen where I then draw back the curtains to welcome in the natural lighting. It always brings a cheerful note to the start of my agenda.

This morning was special. When I tied my curtains back, everything was covered with snow as it continued to fall. I squealed like a child. I love a good fluff of snow.

So I continued to get ready for church and put my boots on. When I showed up at Arthur's, he had made bacon & egg sandwiches with coffee for the ride to church. This morning could not have gotten any better. Afterwards, we drove around and took a beautiful walk in the snow where arthur continued to plunge snowballs at me.

When he was finished having his fun, we headed back to the car and stopped by some antique shops to look around. We found so many great things including arthur's christmas present that he'll have to forget about.

We had fun looking around and then felt the calling of our stomaches, so we took them to the bakery restaurant next door. We've never been to this cozy little restaurant before but were glad we chose to stop in. It turned out to be a vegetarian restaurant, which we have no problem with and it was delicious and affordable. I sipped on a refreshing glass of grape fruit juice and ordered the special of black bean sweet potato quesadillas. What a good place to end the day with before my Sunday nap.

To hopes for a very white Christmas.