Sunday, December 12

Saturday Salty Caramel Strawberry Night

One of the things I enjoy most out of my day is having at least one good meal that leaves me feeling content, and I give thanks for having been blessed with variety at the table.

Tonight after work, I brought some duck chowder soup to Arthur's apartment from the market, which we ate with a small appetizer of crisp crackers and a cheddar cheese ball with crushed almonds. It was delectable. Dinner was followed by a savory dessert Arthur put together before I had arrived. He made salty (sea salted) caramel covered strawberry's with crushed pecans attractively placed on bamboo skewers. Fancy that. I was quite impressed with the way they had turned out and feel every Saturday night should be a Saturday salty caramel strawberry night.

To more delicious plates!


emilie said...

put that on our christmas menu...i am ready to try them!!!

Denial Severne said...

Those look delicious Tiff!