Tuesday, September 21

What I wish for this silver fish...

I didn’t know that I could hate anything more than a spider until I saw the silver fish.

When I walked into my bedroom I saw this monster scurrying on my wall! What to do, what to do?! This giant seemed to be taking over my wall with its hideous long legs!
I couldn’t kill it with my shoe with all that goo.

Into my bathroom I ran and out with my shower spray I went as I thoroughly hosed it down my wall until I lost him. I lost him! Now this creepy crawler is either dead or alive in my apartment somewhere, and now I can’t sleep.




It’s been almost four months since I made the big move to Columbus, Oh, and now I can say its home. I have my own address; I’m paying my own bills, and I feel grown up, kind of. Between then and now, I’ve lost my tank of a car in a crash, moved into a cute studio, found a job at Jenis, and had appendicitis exactly two weeks after Arthur had it. It was strange.

Geographically, I’m much closer to Arthur than I have been for the past couple of years, and I will say that it’s been quite rewarding. No longer will I have to drive four hours to see him. Now, I can enjoy the five minute bike ride to his door step.

We’ve been playing a lot of tennis together, meeting new people, riding bikes, volunteering at different events, going to church, cooking, and keeping ourselves busy. It’s been a good time. There’s actually a lot of stuff to do here in this city. There’s good music, live story telling, rock climbing parks, beautiful biking trails, good food, and amazing ice cream, which I get to make people happy with everyday.

Looking for a job here has been another story. I spent three months in Kenya being a social work intern at a hospital, and it was one amazing last semester at Asbury. Unfortunately, nobody here seems to care about the experience I had abroad when it comes to finding a job in social work. It doesn’t seem to mean anything unless you’re a licensed social worker. I also don’t want to be a case worker so I’m working at Jenis Splendid Ice Creams at the North Market, which I’ve been enjoying for now. Even though I don’t plan to make it my career, I’m convinced that it’s best at being the finest ice cream in the world.

These recent transition periods of spending three months in Kenya to graduating from college and then finally being closer to Arthur have been both exciting and challenging for me, but so worth it. So while my dream job is still hanging up in the air some where waiting for me to catch on to it, I’ll be looking for a way to aspire it here in Columbus, Ohio.

Wednesday, September 15

Labor Day Pictures

Some photos from our labor day picnic with the family . . .