Tuesday, July 5

Photos From Recent Events

Here are a few memorable marks to look back on...

-- My (Reika) grandma Lois passed on and is happier than she has ever been before.
-- We've been sprucing up our apartments by doing some yard work and planting flowers.
-- When cooking, we no longer have to run to the store for basil because we're growing it on Art's front porch.
-- Art got to help his cousin Sarah make cup cakes for her new business, Sugar Cakes, and they are amazing!
-- We've been able to help Art's Aunt and uncle at their beautiful Bed & Breakfast, Houstonia.
-- Hanging out with good friends
-- A visit from the Smiths
-- Art learned it's important to wear sun block at water parks
-- Good home cooked meals

... And on the 4th of July we didn't see fireworks, but we had a wonderful picnic of tacos with our good friends at the park.

We hope you had a Happy Fourth!

Sunday, April 3

Me and Murray Missed Art in Miami

Literally six hours after Arttie and I returned to Columbus back from New York, I took him back to the Airport where he flew down to Miami, FL. away from Murray and Me.
That may sound a little more dramatic than it really was, although Murray and I felt Columbus just wasn't the same with out him. So we decided to make the most out of that week together as I took over my duty to take care of Murray.

The 2nd day, I walked into Art's apartment to find old Murr sleeping in front of the door with his nose in his big shoes. Murray started feeling a little blue, so I thought I'd take him to the dog park for a little pick me up. It wasn't long before we both made some friends with the young golden doodle and...the other little guy.

I was quick to pick up on Murray's early morning ritual at 4 a.m. of walking to the kitchen to make his morning squat, and am proud to say it wasn't long before we both killed that little habit of his.

A couple of days before it was time for Art to come back, I took Murray to the dog bath and made him all clean and fluffy for his master's return.

Unfortunately, Art had to catch a taxi from the airport while I was working, but he picked me up afterward with a little surprise. Without knowing that I had been dreaming of eating pizza after a famished day at work, Art got us a pizza and wine for dinner with some sweet daisies.

Sometimes, I just don't know how fortunate I am to have such a thoughtful man who shares the same appetite as me.

Friday, March 25

New York Times

March has ended on good terms with a grand finale in New York with an exceptional group of people who Art and I love dearly. We are always looking forward to times like these when we're all able to come together and spend time with the friends, like family, we deeply care about.

So Art and I rented a car and drove the nine hour scenic route avoiding all toll roads in our little ford focus.
We finally arrived at friend, Michael's apartment near Central Park and were welcomed with a big bowl of chicken and rice. Later we went out for the night and watched entertaining ping pong tournaments at Spin, while meeting up with the rest of the gang, Matt and Abby.

The next day, we figured we must have walked around 15 miles, as we visited Chelsea Market, dined on the street with tasty asian dumplings, and a cup cake. We relaxed at Washington Square Park, had a dance party in the apt, then started the next day with a pleasant walk in Central Park. The group started to dwindle as we had to return to our separate lives.
Art and I got to see Hanna's new fun apartment before it was our time to head out.

Art drove the entire time while I enjoyed the ride. They say,"Some people just weren't cut out for life on the road".

I'm so thankful we all make the effort to see one another and find that our efforts make for a refreshing send off. We're already looking forward to the next meeting.

Cheers to Super Moon.
(we missed you Catherine)


A special tribute to my rafiki

Meet Caitlyn, my dear friend who recently came to visit me in Columbus all the way from TN. This girl holds a special place in my heart, which made her trip to Columbus even more sweet and memorable. Thank You.

Here are some more pictures from our stay in Africa for our senior internship as social workers at Tenwek Hospital. When our time was mostly spent with thankful children, the simplicity of life, and not so much consumed by fast pace culture. It was an experience I'll never forget and will always miss. I think she would say the same.

Tennessee, here I come!

Friday, March 11

Hat's Off to March Madness D.C.

For the first weekend of March, I, along with five other bosom buddies met each other in D.C. for a much needed weekend together.

All six of us girls could not be living more different lives. So every year March Madness let's us stop everything and cling together for a long weekend to celebrate two very important birthdays for Caroline and Janae. Our first meal was celebrated fiesta style at a hole in the wall restaurant on a very charming street full of many alluring shops. We then completed the night camping out on Caroline's floor with enough giggles to burn off our caloric mexican intake for that night, a leaky air mattress, and no personal space. That's how we prefer it.

The next morning, we put on our faces and ventured to the Eastern Market. I love a good market and recommend this one if you're ever in the area. This place was full of character and unexpected run ins with an old friend Christin, Taza and husband (blogger we all love), and two other dear friends, Tim and Brandon. It was such a great day that ended with some sushi in China town, some walking, more walking, some dancing, and then an exhausted cab ride back to the Apt. It was an eventful day.

Sunday morning, we got up to attend the church Caroline has been apart of since her stay in D.C. and then stuffed our faces with donuts. Afterwards, it was time to part ways with some tears back to our very different, busy lives. I'm very glad to have the blessing of true friendships.

To March Madness and dear friends.

Praying for Japan

I'm sure many of you have already seen some of the devastating effects in Japan from this terrible 8.9 earthquake causing a Tsunami that has also impacted Hawaii and the coast of California.
I called my dad as soon as I found out about it to find out that our family over there is okay. Thank God. Two hundred through three hundred people have died and over five hundred are missing right now, and my prayers are with them. I can't even imagine the loss, fear, and devastation these people are experiencing right now. It breaks my heart.
It seems that this earthquake is still in the works of some more damaging effects, while the soldiers are already at work providing aid. All I can do is watch and pray right now.

Please pray for Japan and everybody else who were touched by this horrific disaster.

Tuesday, February 1

rain, ice, and snow, oh my!

This was my walk home last night. The picture doesn't say much, but the roads were begging me to fall with all the ice we got tonight. I skated all the way home in my boots and struggled across the street to my door and made it safe and sound. Looks like I'll be staying in tomorrow. This weather makes for a cozy, hot chocolate, craft kind of day. mmm.