Tuesday, July 5

Photos From Recent Events

Here are a few memorable marks to look back on...

-- My (Reika) grandma Lois passed on and is happier than she has ever been before.
-- We've been sprucing up our apartments by doing some yard work and planting flowers.
-- When cooking, we no longer have to run to the store for basil because we're growing it on Art's front porch.
-- Art got to help his cousin Sarah make cup cakes for her new business, Sugar Cakes, and they are amazing!
-- We've been able to help Art's Aunt and uncle at their beautiful Bed & Breakfast, Houstonia.
-- Hanging out with good friends
-- A visit from the Smiths
-- Art learned it's important to wear sun block at water parks
-- Good home cooked meals

... And on the 4th of July we didn't see fireworks, but we had a wonderful picnic of tacos with our good friends at the park.

We hope you had a Happy Fourth!


emilie said...

and did he go out to every store he can find to buy vinegar because he is assured that if he scrubs himself raw with vinegar the burn will go away? did he? that has never happened before...