Saturday, January 8

Holiday Retrospect

Apologies for delving into past recent holiday events, but Arthur and I seemed to fall a little short of summary during the bustle of festivities. So here are just a few photos we took over Christmas. I hope you enjoy them.

This Christmas was my first with Arthur's entire family, which was enjoyable for me to be apart of. Quite exciting, actually. The three day event consisted of celebrating a delicious Christmas Eve dinner at Art's Uncle Jim and Aunt Sherry's Bed & Breakfast followed by the opening of presents after putting the children to bed. Late into the night after the family finished opening presents one at a time, we all started food preparations together for the next day. I like being in the kitchen with enjoyable company while working together for an exciting dinner. There's always something good to look forward to in the end.

Christmas Morning came early for the little ones in the house for their time to open stockings & presents. Then Uncle Jim got the tractor out and pulled them around with the sled attached. It was so much fun to watch while Arthur didn't hesitate for his turn on the sled with little Abbie. After we had our fun outside, we all came in to warm ourselves with an enormous lunch. Food coma set in with decaf coffee and conversation. It wasn't too much longer when it was time for Arthur's immediate family and I to head back to Mt. Vernon.

The Following Sunday brought in more gifts to open with sticky buns that Landon woke up early to make. It was snowy and cold outside but warm and cozy inside with the smell of baked goods. It all ended on a satisfying note as we cooked a nice salmon dinner with couscous and salad, and Ellen, another family member, came to join us for dinner.

After dinner, Hanna, Emilie, Art, and I went to spend some time with some good friends at their house. A perfect end to a relaxing evening and a pleasant Christmas weekend.


Frances said...

Thank you Reika for sending me the lovely photos you and Art had taken at Christmastime. Also for the special account of our great memory-making "three days" of Christmas 2010. love, gram