Thursday, January 20

simply scrumptious.

One of the things I've learned to love the most while being here in Columbus with Arthur are the nights we cook dinner together. I find that it's becoming more of a consistent pattern than when I first moved here while getting adjusted to life in Ohio.

While preparing dinner together, Arthur pointed out the difference in our eating habits from the time I first moved here. For whatever reason, we went out to eat way more than we do now, which has changed considerably so within the past several months.

Arthur picked me up from work after he had already finished class and work, so we were both pretty tired but hungry. So we threw a hearty salad together that turned out amazing! We both threw everything together while doing the dishes in about ten minutes. Team work.

We put together our own little concoction of fresh spinach leaves from the market with grilled chicken and salty bits of bacon balanced with some thinly sliced apples we threw into the sauteed mix. Then we tossed in some diced plump tomatoes, crisp slices of uncooked apples along with just enough feta to give it a boost of cheese goodness and then sprinkled chopped almonds over the salad topped off with tart dried cranberries. For a last minute touch we finished it with a light dressing of vinegar and EVOO. YUM.

This is such a good salad to remember when you don't feel like making an involved dish after a tiresome day. If you ever try it out, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Nikki said...

Sounds delicious. I have made a similar salad, but unfortunately Jason does not enjoy blue cheese, so it has happened again since then. Try making what my mom refers to as a red salad. The mixed baby greens w/the reddish colored lettuce in it, red apples, beats, red onions, some feta or blue cheese, and a raspberry or strawberry vinaigrette dressing. Of course she likes to add radishes, but I don't care for them. You can put whatever red veggies you like in there. Absolutely delish!