Monday, January 24

Hang Up Your Apron

This is my little kitchen hanger I just made for my aprons. Don't mind the bad picture I took from my phone. It's really simple if you want to do it yourself. Just find a sturdy piece of wood and some cute cabinet knobs for the hangers and wa la. really not much to it, but a fun time filler to cover a part of my ugly kitchen wall.


Nikki said...

Actually a great idea. I was thinking to hang something in the foyer for coats and hats. Where did you find the wood?

emilie said...

i love it! i love you.

Jessica Nienaber said...

I love this kitchen hanger project :) so much fun! can I just say this blog is a delight to read and I'm so glad you are doing makes me want to jump in the car and drive north to see you and Art. So Lovely just as you both are!

Anonymous said...

You all are so sweet, thank you! Glad to hear you enjoy it.
Jess, good to know, I will keep pursuing this blog if it makes you want to come up and visit us. I'm not kidding, Art and I were just thinking about visiting you and Stephen today! It would be so nice to be around you all again, and we both miss you both dearly. We'll be sure to make it happen.

Sister, I just found the branch in Art's backyard. It's weird but fun to come across a good looking branch just laying around; there's always something you can turn it into.