Friday, November 19

Birthday Events

After work on Friday I met Art and his sister along with their Gram for a nice birthday/Thanksgiving/dog drop off dinner. We enjoyed our comfort food while I opened Gram’s present: a nice set of measuring cups, pairing knife, and hand towels to complete my kitchen.

Thanks Gram.

When we parted ways, Arthur’s sister, Emilie, left us with her cute pug, Leo. Such a delight, that dog is. If you had a pug, you would know. Arthur would call him a nuisance, but I know very well that he likes having Leo around.

The next day after work, I drove up to Wooster to spend the evening celebrating one of my most treasured friend’s birthday dinner with some friends and family. I was so glad to make it over for Lydia’s twenty third birthday reunion with her and her family all together again.