Friday, November 19

Big Twenty Four and Many More

To everyone who remembered to call or drop a line for my birthday: Thank You! I loved it.

Some how, I forgot to schedule work off on my birthday, which seemed to crawl by like a snail. I hadn’t planned much for that night, considering I had to work the very next day.

All I knew was that Lydia was coming down to hold my hand with Art while getting my nose pierced.

I hate planning things for my birthday so I gave up on thinking about where to eat for my indecisive birthday self, and then Arthur came into the rescue with a surprise birthday meal he spent all night cooking! With the company of two loved ones (lyd & Arthur), birthday phone calls and messages all day, and a nose pierce; Art’s delicious birthday meal just topped the night right off.

He made us a delicious chicken dish with vinaigrette salad on top with two different styles of tasty brussel sprouts: one sautéed in brown sugar and butter and the other cooked with bacon, cranberries, and onions. I have grown to love my brussel sprouts (Arthur’s way).

After a thoughtful dinner, we finished with a brownie cake that Arthur also baked with exactly 24 candles. The company and food was so lovely and special, and I’m so thankful for such a great night.

To left overs.