Monday, November 8

A November to Remember

Jonsi and the group of giants standing in front of us, but still, an amazing show.

It’s my birthday this month, hence the reason why every year there's a November to remember… And because Arthur and I got to start the month off with some Jonsi at Newport, which was an amazing show followed by a little after party with one of my dearest friends, Lydia and new friend, Joshua. We all got to enjoy the show opened by Mountain Man, who I also really enjoyed. The Visuals were incredible, I think Arthur might have cried tears of joy. It was a great start for the beginning of exciting events to come.

Birthday wishes are still in the works… however

I’m looking forward to spend an early Thanksgiving in Detroit with sister and husband along with mom and pup. Then Art and I will be heading over to Philadelphia to spend another Thanksgiving with most all of the people we care about (excluding those who take that personally, of course). November is a good month to be had.

To upcoming events,



Denial Severne said...

Tiff, you look gorgeous! I bet Jonsi was an awesome show, I'm jealous!