Friday, March 25

New York Times

March has ended on good terms with a grand finale in New York with an exceptional group of people who Art and I love dearly. We are always looking forward to times like these when we're all able to come together and spend time with the friends, like family, we deeply care about.

So Art and I rented a car and drove the nine hour scenic route avoiding all toll roads in our little ford focus.
We finally arrived at friend, Michael's apartment near Central Park and were welcomed with a big bowl of chicken and rice. Later we went out for the night and watched entertaining ping pong tournaments at Spin, while meeting up with the rest of the gang, Matt and Abby.

The next day, we figured we must have walked around 15 miles, as we visited Chelsea Market, dined on the street with tasty asian dumplings, and a cup cake. We relaxed at Washington Square Park, had a dance party in the apt, then started the next day with a pleasant walk in Central Park. The group started to dwindle as we had to return to our separate lives.
Art and I got to see Hanna's new fun apartment before it was our time to head out.

Art drove the entire time while I enjoyed the ride. They say,"Some people just weren't cut out for life on the road".

I'm so thankful we all make the effort to see one another and find that our efforts make for a refreshing send off. We're already looking forward to the next meeting.

Cheers to Super Moon.
(we missed you Catherine)

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